The mother company was established in Piraeus since 1981 by Capt. John Psarras however the story goes back to his grandfathers and father who were Captains and shipowners as well.

They have started with small wooden ships ( the so called "kaboura" type, connecting mainland of Greece with Islands, playing a significant role for the Greek resistance during the second world war , with both grandfather and father decorated for their bravery ), afterwards continued with the steel ones – motor ships – until 1972.-

Captain John Psarras had his seaman book on his 14th and started being on board different ships during summer holidays first and then on regular basis until getting his Captain certificate.

Captain John works firstly in a shipbroking firm for a period and on 1981 starts his own company. Within short time managed to be recognized as a respectful shipbroker dealing with many ships and cargoes and undertaking contracts of affreightment for many years which have been successfully concluded .

On 1986 Captain John is entering the shipowning / shipmanagement sector operating many ships, mainly dry cargo ones. A selection of managed vessels is cited at the photo album aside. The tradition is to continue once as from mid 2012 the younger generation has empowered the force of our team.

Mr Petros Psarras after finishing his Bachelor studies in the financial sector of the Athens University of Economics and Business is an active member of the company. Petros in fact is grown up within the company and has participated many times in inspections / operation / decisions, thus his experience is not only of a few years but much more and because now this experience is to be wider and be supported by his financial studies, is expected to overpass his mentors.

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have the experience, the acquaintances, the know how, or in one word the MEANS to support the shipping company of today to be a successful and profitable one in any of the activities that serves.